Your Custom Software Partner for Growth.

Let us run your software development, so you can focus on running your business

Your Custom Software Partner for Growth - Let us run your software development so you can focus on your business development
Adaptive Software Development

Done is Better Than Perfect.
We Get You to Lift-Off!

Requirements Modelling

Get started on the right foot with clarity on your business requirements.

Have everyone on the same page by bringing clarity and precision to your project, ensuring stakeholders and technical team understand what to expect.

To create the perfect SRS, we gather detailed requirements, document them meticulously, and encourage collaboration.

We leave nothing to assumptions.

23 years of experience we've got your software project management covered.

We tailor the Agile Methodology to your unique project, ensuring alignment with your stakeholders, end-users, and teams.

Because in the end, it's software built to enhance the human experience.

Done & Lift-Off!
Adaptive Software Development

Adaptive Software Development to quickly visualise your model.

Now we have the blueprint for construction, this is where we focus all our effort on one thing -- KEEP ON SHIPPING!

We ship your product iteratively every 1-2 weeks with the intended prototype ready within 30-60 days. This means, you see progressive results every 1-2 weeks.

Go-To Market in the shortest time possible so you can quickly validate your idea.

The sooner you get your product to the market, the sooner you get feedback, and the sooner you can improvise for a better product-market-fit.

We treat every major product release cycle similar to prototyping cycles. Every release is intended to get quick validations and feedbacks.

Done & Lift-Off!
Why Us

Reasons to choose us as your software partner

Highly Experienced

Highly Experienced

With over 23 years of software engineering and product commercialisation experience, we’re your ideal product development partner.

Wide Industry Exposure

Wide Industry Exposure

E-commerce/Marketplace, Industrial IoT, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverages, Professional Services, Real Estate, Financial Services, Amusement Parks & Attractions. And we had deployed for clients in US, Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Quality Support

Quality Support

Our software support does not merely come in the form of technical troubleshooting and debugging. As your product lifecycle begins, your business operations will keep on improvising. We ensure your development team is as agile as necessary with the right change management process in place.


We are different, because our clients said so.

Broad Technology Knowledge. From proprietary to open source platforms, it is our job to know our playground.

Wearing the User's Shoes. From design to build, we do it from the eyes of the users. After all, its software built for people.

Product Not Project Developers. Product vs. Project is Revenue vs. KPI to us. Every feature we build, it's a matter of return on investment.

“Marshal is my go to guy for any tech matters especially relating to programming. Always appreciate his insights and deep knowledge of tech matters. More business people should know him if they want to improve their organization's efficiency.”

Chin Loi Sin
Chin Loi Sin
Principal Owner, Chin Loi Sin & Associates

“I have the pleasure of working with Marshal. At the time I was running my own small agency which provided both traditional marketing (offline - BTL) and online marketing services for many small businesses. I had no technical background and I was desperately looking for a partner that can help me with the CMS of the websites I am developing. Marshal came a long and helped me successfully built CMS of the 5 star hotel in Malaysia website. And then other projects came and he has proven to be a great contributor to my company.”

Diana L Wright
Diana L Wright
Associate Growth Manager, Sanesco International Inc.

“Marshal is the man of IT for this era. Well equipped with knowledge of his field not limited to technical but a definite diversify knowlege of today's business technology and business society. He is the person who knows what you want in IT and be able to make your wish comes true especially when it comes to ROI.”

Allan Lee
Allan Lee
Senior Information Technology Manager, IOI Plantations Services Sdn Bhd

“...he also helped build a web portal for municipal council at Manjung, Perak. His strong commitment and focus and approach to his project is commendable. I strongly recommend any company who needs IT services expertise from the expert who delivers effective solution.”

Diana L Wright
Diana L Wright
Associate Growth Manager, Sanesco International Inc.
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